1. Cost reduction

We realise how the current market situation influences on our clients budgets and understand there is a constant pressure to save costs. Our concept will drastically reduce costs for the purchase or technical department, for the logistics department and for the operations department. Our concept create savings beyond the simple a-to-b transportation scenario. By utilising our concept your organisation will save costs at many levels of your organisation.

Areas of savings:

  • Time saved in purchasing when using our PO order module
  • Cost saved in transportation when utilising PO order in combination with onboard delivery and regular transportation
  • Cost saved on import charges when using our flexible warehouse set-up
  • Cost saved on onboard delivery when using our agent setup
  • All costs known in advance and no cost over the DA account

The key to cost reductions lies in the Order Management, in the Port Agent Network and the Flexible Warehouse Setup. By shipping to a Trans-it agent in the port of destination the transport process can start much earlier and long before your operations department appoints a local agent. This combined with our order management, that ensures we have all details about your orders before the order is ready at suppliers, creates a much lager window for transportation («The extended time frame») and thus possibility to consolidate shipments from pickup to delivery and cut costs drastically (service 3). Include our flexible warehouse setup that makes it easy to combine shipments where most cost effective, and reduce the number of shipments being sent into the final destination. This drastically reduce the local handling and clearing costs. The total setup from supplier to deck unleash the real savings both in logistics and also in your organisation, and makes a few cents on an airfreight insignificant.