Main Concept

Our door-to-deck concept handles your spare parts from the moment you confirm a purchase from one of your suppliers until your parts are delivered safely onto the deck of one of your vessels. Of course, we also do everything any marine-logistics provider can. Our door-to-deck concept will unleash substantial cost savings in your logistics setup and in your organisation through these key elements:

  • a substantial network of port agents;

  • a high-quality, flexible warehouse set-up;

  • experienced coordinators available 24/7;

  • a tailor-made IT system; and

  • the Trans-it order management system.



So what are the main advantages of our concept:

1. Cost reduction (click to read more)

We understand how the current market situation influences our clients’ budgets, creating constant pressure to save costs. Our concept will drastically reduce costs at many levels of your organisation—in the purchase or...

2. Security in delivery

The fewer people who are involved with your spares from supplier to deck, the less possibility of mistakes or oversight. The fact that we coordinate each and every item bound for a vessel from the supplier’s doorstep until delivered on deck or to a launch base, controlling all the documents along the way, ensures secure and precise delivery on-board.

3. Documents

Document handling is a vital part of the logistics process, critical to ensuring that all orders be delivered to the vessel in a timely fashion. Hold-ups at customs are far too often the result of low-quality documentation and non-conformability. Trans-it have developed a documents setup, in cooperation with our agents, that guarantees conformance with local customs regulations, thus securing a smooth customs process everywhere from West Africa and South America to Europe and Asia.

4. Insurance

By handling spares from supplier to vessel ourselves, we are also able to arrange a very cost-efficient insurance policy covering all items from the time they are shipped until they are safe and sound on-board.