Trans-it today confirmed signing a new contract with the recognized gas-carrier Gaslog.

The first half of 2016 has been influenced by uncertainty, in the global trade marked. Many ship owners are struggling, and shippers are facing increasedcompetition. Trans-it has managed to adapt to the new circumstances to further evolve their products, in order to meet their client’s needs, which has led to an expansion of their portfolio, most recently by the collaboration with Gaslog.
"It is an important agreement for Trans-it, signed here. Trans-it operates in an extremely competitive sector and recognises the importance of having an agile and responsive operations team. We act with a sense of urgency, to demonstrate our ability to respond to client needs 24/7, with genuine and pro-active solutions, which strengthens our customer’s confidence, and reinforce our market credibility. We value our diverse, talented workforce and inspire them to achieve their fullest potential and provide opportunities for our client” said Martin Bo Thomsen - Sales Director at Trans-it, and signals simultaneously the likeliness ofsimilar agreements ahead for the aspiring company.
Trans-it has chosen to focus more on the European market, and expect to expandparticularly in the Norwegian and Danish marked in the near future.