Expanded time frame

It is essential to reduce costs and ensure safe delivery while increasing the time available to ship your orders. If we can also minimise your workload when it comes to organising your orders, we are onto something.

One of the central issues in logistics is creating a timeframe large enough to secure safe delivery but also creating opportunities to reduce shipping costs. The normal window for this timeframe starts when an order is picked up from a supplier and ends when the goods have reached the final destination, usually considered to be the closest airport. The timeframe of shipping is open from the moment your operations department appoints an agent until your vessel arrives at the destination. This leaves logistics or purchasing with a relatively small window of opportunity.

There are two reasons to try to enlarge this window: i) to secure the safest possible routing for the goods and ii) to find the cheapest routing to the destination, including pick up from the supplier and delivery to the vessel. To be able to ship the goods at a low price, this window must be expanded by identifying the major costs and deciding which of these can be reduced.

Trans-it offers two important services that greatly increase this window of opportunity: order management and port agents. Firstly, while purchasing controls all items in order, it may not have all the logistical details needed to start the shipping process, including the values of the goods and codes necessary to clear customs at the destination. We gather all this information in advance to create a much larger shipping window, even before the goods are ready at the supplier. Secondly, we have an agent in every port. Hence, by consigning to this agent, we can start the shipping process as soon as you know where the vessel is going and long before your operations department has even started to think about the agent. This greatly enlarges the shipping window at the other end. These two services thus enlarge this window drastically and give you numerous possibilities to ship safely and cost-efficiently. This means there are plenty of reasons to utilise our agents instead of the chartered agent as well as use us to gather information from suppliers.


  • We will save you a lot of time by following up on all the suppliers for you
  • You will know all the costs involved in delivering the goods in advance
  • No surprise costs will be included in the disbursement account
  • Fewer shipments to destinations mean drastically lowered clearing costs